The Barn

Three women at the midpoint of their busy professional careers spend several days with their mentor Elisabeth at her limestone farmhouse on the Swedish island of Gotland. But the experience will lead to more upheaval than they could ever have imagined. The Barn is a story set in the business world. The book should appeal to professional women thanks to the author’s in-depth knowledge of this world, and when that knowledge is combined with the author’s imagination and her ability to create vivid settings and personalities, the result takes the reader in unexpected directions.

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“The Barn doesn’t just providing a fascinating glimpse into the lives of women in the business world – it’s a visionary tale. I have a feeling that the ideas in this novel could truly change things.”

Gertrud Hellbrand


“Marianne Hamilton has a marvelous ability to engage in free and visionary thinking without ever losing sight of results.”

Ronnie Leten

Former President and CEO of Atlas Copco, Chairman of the Board of Ericsson